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The Citizen of New Jerusalem Podcast

Jul 10, 2017

Today we switch gears from a normal Citizen episode. We present to you Adam's recent publicly moderated debate with a free-will (Arminian-type) Independent Fundamentalist Baptist concerning the doctrine of salvation. Adam took the sovereignty of God position, and Linden Overhiser, free will. The debate topic was dueling exegesis of Romans 9. Theology always underlies everything we do on this show, and theology must be straight by the rule of Scripture. Your feedback is welcomed. Thanks for listening. The debate audio is just under two hours. Below are the time stamps for the segments of the debate. •9:42 Linden (Free Will) Opening exegesis •30:10 Adam (Sovereignty) Opening exegesis •1:00:00 Moderator's break •1:01:35 Adam's rebuttal •1:11:16 Linden's rebuttal •1:20:11 Adam cross examines Linden •1:27:17 Linden cross examines Adam •1:34:27 Adam's closing statement •1:44:08 Linden's closing statement •1:50:12 Audience Q&A •2:12:33 Moderator's closing