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The Citizen of New Jerusalem Podcast

Sep 18, 2021

Recently, a pastor in Rochester, NY posted a screed on Facebook accusing the brave Canadian pastors who stood against C-19 measures of "act[ing] foolishly." The pastor who posted it is an older, experienced man who had been in ministry for many years, and was Adam's pastor for nearly six years. 

The words he used were inexcusable, his charge utterly rancorous, and the implications end up being that men like James Coates and Artur Pawlowski have not been faithful to their duties. These men have stood up in the face of impending tyranny, which since Pastor Ferguson's Facebook post has only become more obvious and brazen.

I will not go into a detailed defense or history of what has gone on in Alberta and throughout Canada, or how these men have bravely decided to refuse compliance. I will rather focus on this screed on Facebook, and the man I know, who sadly wrote it. 

Let his calloused cruelty to his brothers be a warning to all of us: great learning and experience in ministry is no guarantee of sound judgment, even late in life. We are all susceptible to launching attacks for our own justification, which is what I suspect happened here. Beware your own heart.