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The Citizen of New Jerusalem Podcast

Jan 1, 2018

Following up on Episode 40, Adam here presents another, more careful look at fundamentalism in America. Which form of Christianity will be the foundation of a good civilization in the future? Fundamentalism has a lot going for it, but what are it's main weaknesses? Last week Pastor Matt Fletcher joined Adam to give a personal perspective on the movement, but this week we bring you a session recording of Phil Johnson  from Grace to You ministries. (Obviously Phil was not a guest of CoNJP, which is why this one doesn't have a full episode number of its own). This episode should fill in some more information that perhaps Matt and Adam didn't cover last episode, especially concerning the stated goals of fundamentalism, in general. For a little bonus, you can listen to Dr. James White here characterizing the fundamentalist mindset. Dr. White is one of the leading voices in Christian apologetics in the world, and so his perspective here may add dimension to the issue. The clip lasts for a short while. Thanks for listening.