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The Citizen of New Jerusalem Podcast

Jul 24, 2017

How should Christians handle the issues surrounding ethnicity, race, and privilege in Western nations? The answers are complex and painful to trace out, but we have no choice--we must seek understanding and clarity. Kicking off our Citizen of New Jerusalem series on race, we present a lengthy conversation between two friends and fellow ministers of the gospel. Kaynenn Parker and Adam Kane belonged to the same local church for several years before Pastor Parker moved to Texas earlier this year. They ministered together to the youth of Webster Bible Church, and always enjoyed one another's company, insights, and contributions to the work of the ministry. You can see why Adam wanted to begin this series on race by having a conversation with Kaynenn. The ethnic difference between the two men is only secondary to the deep bond of Christian brotherhood created by the work of the Holy Spirit. Therefore as you listen to this episode, listen to the honest exchange of men who seek the good of the church and the nation. This is what it sounds like when brothers trust each other enough to ask tricky questions, and to give direct answers to aching questions. All too often American Christians seek to address racial reconciliation by sharing the assumptions of the Progressive, secular worldview. We have to do better than that. We must create a biblical basis for our questions and answers, and have the courage to speak words that may seem too raw and real to be heard in public. That's what this interview will bring to you. Will you do one or all of these three important parts of supporting the show?

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