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The Citizen of New Jerusalem Podcast

Jul 17, 2017

It's time to have a citizen's discourse on race and ethnicity. As citizens of the New Jerusalem, we have access to the wisdom that comes from above, but how do we apply it in one of the most difficult, professionally dangerous topics to broach? The racial discussion in the USA is out of control. The Progressive left has captured the terms and boundaries of the discourse, and are holding all of us hostage to their worldview. Do you feel free and unafraid to talk about race in church, at work, or with friends? I'll bet you don't, that is, unless you are a progressivist with cultural power to do so. Though the Christians of the world ought to be the tip of the spear in bringing sanity and clarity back into this debate, often we are led by the nose right behind the cultural Marxists who have set the terms for us... that is, set the terms of our surrender to their ugly, demonic worldview. Well, I'm not playing. The next several episodes of this show will focus on race and ethnicity from a Christian worldview. I've got some great guests and perspectives coming at you, and I hope you will be here to listen and respond. We all have work to do on race, in one way or another. Are you willing to bend?