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The Citizen of New Jerusalem Podcast

Oct 4, 2017

The Reformation is such a complex series of events, myths and errors are bound to crop up around its memory. In this laid back conversation with R Scott Clark, professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Westminster Seminary California, we get the details on some of what really went down all those centuries ago, and how the consequences have followed us to this day. Please get more carefully acquainted with this wonderful pastor and theologian, and visit his website at your first chance. You can find him on Twitter here. For more information on the new documentary Calvinist, click here. If you want to hear the clipped segment of conversation where Adam asks Dr. Clark a personal/pastoral question, become a monthly supporter of this show here, at Adam's Patreon! For a monthly pledge of any amount, you will get access to this very interesting bit of discussion between the two men. Thank you for all your grace and support for this show. Listener feedback and questions are always welcomed here.