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The Citizen of New Jerusalem Podcast

Apr 17, 2017

Ever heard of the black pill? If you take the black pill, that means you've come to the conclusion that Western civilization is doomed, all goodness in the world is being defeated, and there is no future for humanity. The black pill is symbolic of hopelessness, and many days it sits right on our nightstands, tempting us to pop it before we get out of bed. Let's face it, the current world order is coming to an end. So many bad things are happening at once no one can keep up with it all. Communities of Christians in the Middle East who have lived and worshiped there for almost 2,000 years are being bombed and chased out of their homes, Europe is being overrun by the twin cancers of progressivism and Islam, and everywhere it seems a hero has come, he turns out to be a failure and a compromiser. Is there any hope? Spit out the black pill. Adam could've gone on for hours with this episode, but he kept it as short as possible given the huge scale of the topic. Take heart, listen in, and support the show if you appreciate content like this. From the show: Eastern Orthodox sing the Our Father in Aramaic (the language of Jesus that is still spoken by some Christians in the Middle East). Egypt Coptic churches bombed