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The Citizen of New Jerusalem Podcast

Oct 9, 2017

Do you know why we're Protestant? Can you explain to your family, friends, and to unbelievers what happened in Germany in 1517, and what it means in Western civilization in 2017? Too many Christians (both Roman Catholic and Protestant) have no idea what the Reformation was and is about! What does it mean to be Protestant, and does it still matter? Pastor Nate Pickowicz recently published Why We're Protestant: An Introduction to the Five Solas of the Reformation. In this episode Nate helps me explore and explain the differences between Rome and Reformation, and why the differences still matter. This interview lays plain why we maintain the protest of Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin, and why our very salvation depends on it. Both living popes have recently given statements on the Reformation which may seem to indicate a moving together of Rome and Reformation, but have things truly changed between us? Are we able to unify? During the show, Adam reads those quotes to get Nate's responses. Justification, sanctification, faith, good works, and grace—we touch on all of these and beyond. Enjoy this Reformation conversation! Be sure to review the Westminster Confession of Faith on Justification (Chapter XI), which Adam reads in part during the show. This episode is not meant to provoke anger in our Roman Catholic friends, but rather to spark honest dialogue about how we are still very much in disagreement over the heart of the Reformation protest. Here's a great review of the book by Joshua Mills at the Sovereign Grace Alone blog. Please support this show with a donation of any amount; I can't do this work without your support, and trust me, there are few who are willing to give to a micro podcast like this one! Is this work worth sharing with your friends and family? Please post this episode on your social media, and recommend the show to your circle of friends. Grace to you all.