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The Citizen of New Jerusalem Podcast

Jun 11, 2018

Paganism is replacing Christianity in the Western world. But it's not one simple brand: we face an onslaught from many directions.

With the Church on the decline in all its forms, and with people looking everywhere else for answers, very old forms of thinking and worship are making new inroads where Christendom once stood firm.

Politics, education, media, government, religion--whatever institutions we count on to be there, functioning for our benefit--Paganism is making a resurgence in all of them.

It sickens me. Peter Jones, at the 2010 Ligonier Conference (yes, I was way off in the episode), lays the gauntlet for Christians who are tempted to compromise with Pagan ideas. You may be surprised by some of what Jones puts his finger on--it may hit close to home for some of us.

The video is here.

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