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The Citizen of New Jerusalem Podcast

Jun 19, 2017

No people group on earth has lived in their homeland quite as long as the Assyrians of northern Iraq. This small tribe has suffered millennia of persecution, but for the entire church age have embraced Jesus Christ as their Lord. But today, through the actions of Islamic purists running amok, the Assyrians are barely hanging onto their lives and land. Many have fled to other countries, and many have died. In this rich interview with Juliana Taimoorazy, herself an Assyrian Christian from Iran, we learn about the outlook for this forgotten people. Indeed, Juliana's life work is to make the Assyrian people unforgettable. Will you please take some time to learn who they are, and what they face? Begin with this episode of the Citizen of New Jerusalem, but also go to the website of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, of which Juliana is founder and president. From there also see the Philos Project, (to which Juliana is a Senior Fellow)--an outreach to Westerners to educate and encourage us in positive engagement with the Middle East. This interview was a great privilege to conduct, and I hope you take its lessons with you as you think, pray, and act to show love to Christians under the heavy burden of persecution and displacement. Be sure to offer feedback here, or to donate here to keep this show going strong. Thank you all.