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The Citizen of New Jerusalem Podcast

May 2, 2019

The abortion rate here in Rochester, New York, has been plummeting over the past couple decades, thanks to CompassCare.

What is CompassCare? Why don't we ask the CEO Jim Harden? In fact, that's what we have here, a tremendous overview of the life and practice of a Christian pregnancy crisis center. And not only is CompassCare "a" pregnancy crisis center, but it is the epicenter of the steepest drop in a local abortion rate anywhere in America. Abortion rate Monroe County

And Jim has been the man guiding this success story, which last year saw at least 221 women who were considering abortion decide to have their babies.

Dial in and listen to his view of the landscape around the New York State abortion and pro-life battle.

And hey, if you want to join with us in this lifesaving work, consider sponsoring my wife and I in the 2019 Walk for Life, but we need your donation before 5/4/19 (which is the day of the Walk).

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