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The Citizen of New Jerusalem Podcast

Jun 26, 2017

Adam recently took a long road trip alone, during which he listened to the audiobook version of The Benedict Option. It was an earthquake for our host. In this episode Adam reflects on some of the strengths of the book without going into a detailed book review. Much of what Dreher presents in the book are the things Adam has been circling around in other episodes of this podcast. The idea here is that there is no political solution for the Western nations. At this point, we have gone past the time when we could have righted the ship of civilization on our own cleverness and ingenuity. What is the Christian's role in this changing, revolutionary time? Shall we eternally wring our hands at the secular world around us, or is it time to look within? We need to clean house, and by that we mean the churches of broad, historical orthodoxy. Christians must ready for the next 1,000 years through creative, private solutions to our rapidly deteriorating life of worship, work, and family. You can find Adam on Twitter here, or by contacting him here. The show will be slowing to one episode per week for the foreseeable future, as donations and patrons have not yet come alongside the show in an amount that would sustain the time and effort going into it for more than one show per week. Adam thanks all of you for your encouraging feedback and interactions, and for those who have generously donated, thank you for getting the show this far. It's been fun!