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The Citizen of New Jerusalem Podcast

Sep 19, 2018

The Roman Catholic Church continues to burn hot and tall in front of the watching world. There is a civil war within her between the progressives, who are oddly and grotesquely defending homosexual and pederast priests, seemingly out of a desire to not cede ground to traditionalists. The trads are fighting to return the Church to her roots and foundational traditions and morals.

And we Calvinists and other outsiders look on with wonder. We look on with horror and hope, thinking perhaps some of the chaos will be eye opening to the faithful. Maybe, perhaps, perchance the Lord our God is at work to call His people out of the unclean thing, and to be separate. Not separate from the Church, but repenting from attachment and dependence upon a decayed shell of what the medieval Church used to be before the renewal of the Reformation. 

Am I being too bold and perhaps rude? Only if souls aren't at stake. Listen in, you be the judge, and tell me your feedback here

Grace and peace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ in truth.

  • Adam